How do I Register?

To register as a new user, click on Register at the top of the window. You will be asked for your name, a username and password, and contact information, including your email address.

You must be at least 18 years of age to register!


How do I resize pictures?

There are many ways to resize pictures prior to upload, depending on your technical ability and available software.

Here is a simple method for resizing your pictures that will work for those using Windows:

1. Open Microsoft Paint.
   Go to "Start" --> "Programs" --> "Accessories" --> "Paint".

2. Open the image to be resized.
   Go to "File" --> "Open".

3. Save the file under a different filename to preserve the original picture.
   Go to "File" --> "Save as" then choose a different filename.

4. Select the Image menu in Microsoft Paint.

5. Select the re-size/skew option on the Image sub-menu in Microsoft Paint.

6. Change the horizontal and vertical sizing percentages by an equivalent percentage. A good tactic to use is to reduce the size in half to start with for extremely large photographs.

7. View the re-sized picture in Microsoft Paint. (Note: the filesize is listed along the bar on the bottom of the Microsoft Paint Program)


Why do I have to provide my address , email, and phone number?

Medieval Town Square is a people-centric organization. We require address, email, and phone number so that if we need to contact you for some reason, we will be able to.

Sometimes, because we are people too, we may want to give you a call.

Other times, it may be more efficient to email or send a letter.

Rest assured, we are committed to the privacy of your information per our Privacy Policy.